we only use the finest hair


Maria Maddison was formed from an innate need for better-quality hair extension services. Services that make you feel and look remarkable anytime, anywhere. We break the boundaries of ordinary and step outside the norm to provide you with the following:

Hair extensions that are custom-tailored to you and your style. You aren't a one-style-fits-all type of person, and your extensions shouldn't be either.

Natural-Looking Extensions or Looks Natural Because It Is

You'll be the only one who knows but not the only one that notices. Modified hair isn't our style. It doesn't last. With us, you see what you get - fantastic extensions that look the same wash after wash.


With us, it's never once and done. Re-use your extensions for many refits to come. Never dull - never drab.

Made To Last

Starting with only the highest-quality materials ensures our products last and withstand wear and tear. Our process begins with raw virgin hair that's color-treated at our partner facility. After treatment, our hair is reviewed and tested to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. For you, only the best will do.

Smooth & Tangle Free

What's hair if you can't comb it? Our 100% virgin Remy hair ensures you never have to worry about tangles or hair that isn't smooth. Dry and dull will no longer do. Get ready for a stellar transformation.


Can we say that a little louder? Silicone does one thing really well. It hides poor quality hair in the beginning. Give that silicone-treated hair a little bit, and it will start rearing its ugly head. After a wash or two, the silicone is gone, and you are left with frizzy extensions that tangle. Our products are SILICONE-FREE. Stay natural, and stay beautiful.

Hair Extensions Los Angeles

Hand-Tied Beaded weft Extensions

Think of a sewn-in weave, but forget the tension. The benefits of hand-tied beaded row extensions are endless, allowing most anybody to utilize them. They add volume and/or length to your natural hair without damage. Why are they so trendy? Simple. They require no heat, glue, or tape while still delivering seamless results for all hair types. These wefts are added to natural hair after being sewn or tied into beads, ultimately holding the integrity of your natural hair. These are what dreams are made of.

Hair Extensions Los Angeles

Keratin Bonds

Allow us to give you a little rundown. Keratin bonds are made up of strands of hair that contain a keratin bond. When these are heated, they melt so that they become affixed to a person's natural hair. They allow full movement - a.k.a. letting you wear your hair up, down, and anything in between. These long-lasting extensions allow dying and styling, giving you the opportunity to enjoy them. Boost your hair appeal and invest in yourself!

Hair Extensions Los Angeles


Say hello to seamless extensions. Our revolutionary tape-in extensions will make your hair dreams come true, no matter if you desire a volume boost or longer locks. The application process is simple - and no heat and absolutely no tools are required! You know what else this means? It means they are safe and gentle on natural hair. All you have to do is press them against a thin strip of natural hair and move on!

Are you ready for a better way to do hair? Give us a shout. We want to hear your unique goals, your questions, and anything else you have to say.