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New Hair. New Confidence.

With over 120 pounds of quality hair extensions in stock daily, Maria Maddison was formed from an innate need for better-quality hair extension services. Beyond our bespoke extension services, we invite you to experience our full range of salon treatments, from precision cuts and expert styling to personalized coloring.

At Maria Maddison, we don’t just style hair; we curate your unique brand of confidence and luxury that turns heads, anywhere, every time. Ready to meet the most fabulous version of you?

Natural Looking Extensions


Made To Last

Smooth & Tangle Free

Silicone Free

I just love my hair! Alysha has been installing my hair extensions (beads) for almost a year, and I could not be happier! My hair looks bigger and has remained healthy!

Jill T.

Hand-Tied Beaded Weft Extensions

Sewn In Weft Without The Tension

Add Volume & Length With No Damage

No Heat, Tape or Glue

Hand-Tied, Machine, and Genius Wefts Available

Beaded Foundation Method Customized For Your Hair Type (Waterfall, Classical, Hybrid or Invisible)

Safe – Keeps The Integrity Of Your Natural Hair

Best For Reusable, (More affordable in the long run)

Boost Your Confidence

Keratin Bond Extensions

Made Up of Strands Of Hair Containing Keratin Bond

Bonds Are Customized & Attached To Your Natural Hair Density

Allows 360 Degree Movement (Wear it up, down, anyway you like it!)

Long Lasting – 3 Month Maintenance

Allows Air-Drying and Styling

Best For Fine Hair

Boost Your Confidence

Clip In & Halo Extensions

Commitment-Free Hair Additions

Seamless Hair Replacement Systems (toppers and hairpieces to cover areas affected by hair loss)

Instant Volume or Length On Special Occasions

Lasts Years with Proper Care

No Heat or Tools Required For Installation

Completely Safe & Gentle

Best for Temporary Use

Offering Same Transformative Looks as Permanent Hair Extensions

Options & Styles

Partial Volume

Gives the illusion of more fullness and coverage on the sides, giving you natural and effortless-looking results. 

Plus, it’s an easy way to correct any haircut that may have been cut too short or unevenly.

Hand-Tied Wefts- 1h | $275+

Keratin Bond Extensions – 1h | $375+

Full Volume

Whether you’re looking for full coverage, added volume, or just a bit of extra fullness and body, this method gives you the best of both worlds.

It’s also a great chemical-free alternative to adding color or highlights, allowing you to take your styling capability to the next level.

Hand-Tied Wefts- 1.5h | $450+

Keratin Bond Extensions – 2h | $550+

Partial Length

Looking for a softer, more natural look? Partial length gives the look and feel of increased volume and length without making any hard changes to your hair.

The perfect choice for you! Ideal for those with “skinny” ends, low to medium-density, and a soft perimeter without harsh lines in their haircut.

Hand-Tied Wefts- 2.5h | $725+

Keratin Bond Extensions – 3h | $765

Full Length

The full-length option is perfect for those with medium- to high-density natural hair, giving you the opportunity to add dramatic length and volume.

This is perfect for those who want a bold look. 

Hand-Tied Wefts- 3h | $900+

Keratin Bond Extensions- 4h | $1020+

Extreme Length

Get that dramatic, luscious look! This extension style is ideal for those who have medium to high density or a strong perimeter. 

Perfect for those who require more hair for blending out any weight lines in their haircut.

Hand-Tied Wefts- 3.5 h | $1125+

Keratin Bond Extensions- 4.5h | $1275+

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